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What is SNAP?

This guide was originally published in October 1984 and subsequently updated periodically. The Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) are designed to improve reproduction quality in newsprint production and provide guidelines for the exchange of information. SNAP is intended for advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, pre-press managers, material suppliers, and commercial and newspaper printers. The specifications pertain to proofing and coldset printing by offset lithography on webs of newsprint grade paper (e.g., newspapers, pre-printed advertising inserts, and other printed materials). SNAP is not intended for magazine, catalog, packaging, or direct mail printing, nor is it intended for sheetfed, gravure, or heatset web offset processes. Other specifications have been developed to provide guidance for these processes. 

Why Use SNAP?

Effective communication among those involved in the reproduction process ensures that the ideas of the designer and art director are printed in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. SNAP provides guidance for the following professionals:

  • Designers
  • Merchandisers and trade shop personnel
  • Art directors
  • Pre-press professionals
  • Ad agencies
  • Print production experts
  • Editors
  • Service bureau representatives
  • Print buyers
  • Electronic Pre-press studios
  • Marketers
  • Printer and Media Companies
  • Color separators
  • Material suppliers to cold-set printers
  • SNAP SHOT PASS and Tint Guide

    SNAP SHOT PASS is a quick and ready reference guide. For consistent press performance and
    predictable results shoot for these aim points and “PASS” with flying colors.

    SNAP COLOR GUIDE is a tint chart developed to be printed on a SNAP certified press to be used as a reference guide for building mechanical color elements.

    SNAP expands Certification options

    Because it has become difficult to allocate time and expense to become SNAP certified,   SNAP will now be accepting, for those that wish, the “Process Check” as another way to become SNAP certified.  Follow the directions for the traditional certification, but you can now submit the Process Check or the full SNAP test forms to be certified.

    The SNAP Process Check is designed to run within a section of a daily paper and is used as a way to ensure that the printing process is compliant with SNAP Specifications. Since the Process Check is a four color ad, a web lead that contains a four color page is required. As in SNAP Certification, guidelines are set so the printed copy can be quantitatively measured with instrumentation.

    Download the latest edition of the SNAP Cold Set Printing Standards, August 2011 version.

    The custom Revised* SNAP 220 profile or SNAP 200 profile defines the standard SNAP color space for newspaper advertising. Use to profile photo and design files with accurate color for newspaper advertising. These profiles are now available for lower 'Total Ink Coverage' (TAC) to accommodate for lower basis weight newsprint and higher GCR. 

    New - SNAP Process Check - Designed to print as a quarter page ad in the live product.

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