Certificate Program
SNAP Certificate Program

The purpose of this press test is to determine if the printing process is compliant with SNAP specifications.  The evaluation process is not the typical pretty picture contest.  The SNAP certificate program is set up so that the printed copy will be measured with calibrated instrumentation.  In order to achieve the SNAP certificate, the printer will need to have a good understanding of the process and how to control the printing conditions. The goal of the SNAP committee is for all printers entering to achieve the SNAP Certificate.  Achieving a total score of 85 - 100 points will result in being awarded the SNAP Certificate.   CAUTION: Do not change page size. Image readings are done with a scanning measurement device. Changing the page size may cause incorrect areas to be read by the scanning measurement device. The calculation sheet is available so that the printer may be able to calculate the results before submitting print-test sheets for grading.

SNAP Forms & Test Material Links

SNAP Certification Application 

SNAP Materials Verification Form - XLS

SNAP Certificate Program Instructions

Calculations Guide

Dot Gain Squares – PDF

Sports photo 

SNAP Page 1

SNAP Page 2

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