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Acceptance testing new part of SNAP program

By Ragy Isaac, Special to NEWS & TECH
The Specifications for Newspaper Advertising Production addresses many production parameters associated with quality coldset printing, including aim point solid ink densities (SID), tone value increase (TVI) values, color profiles, screen rulings, and more.
As the team worked on these specifications, SNAP members realized that another big gap in coldset process standardization pertained to press acceptance testing, which is often linked to achieving SNAP aim points as a criterion for success.
Recognizing that press testing is an important adjunct to the prepress and printing specifications, SNAP members also determined that the testing process did not fit logically as part of the SNAP document and required a distinct publication. read the full article - click here

SNAP, ISO and divining the difference

By Peter Brehm and Dennis Cheeseman, Special to NEWS & TECH

So what’s the difference between SNAP and ISO? That’s a question that came to the at­tention of the SNAP Committee after one newspaper commented that it was plan­ning to “move beyond” SNAP and instead use ISO to measure its production quality. While that may be a laudable en­deavor, the apparent misunderstanding that exists regarding SNAP specifications and ISO standards suggests a need for clarification. read the full article - click here

SNAP and proofing: A how-to guide

By Dennis Cheeseman and Peter Brehm, Special to NEWS & TECH

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — When The Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg opens its new production facility next month, the event will herald a sizable set of firsts for the faComprised of volunteer members from newspapers, commercial printers, and vendors working with these industry members, the Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) committee has included in its discussions the critical role of proofing. read the full article - click here

Using SNAP to qualify a printer and client

By Peter Brehm and Dennis Cheeseman, Special to NEWS & TECH

The Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production, or SNAP, provides technical guidelines and references that help newspapers and coldset commercial printers achieve consistent, quality color reproduction. With the consolidation taking place among and between newspapers and the expanding overlap among newspapers and printers in the printing of coldset work — newspapers, inserts, and publications — publishers, retailers, brokers, agencies and other print buyers often seek ways to qualify the newspaper or printer in order to assure that the desired printed results are optimized. read the full article - click here

SNAP to improve specs with Adobe profile read the full article - click here

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