SNAP Updates Certificate Program 

The Snap certificate program was introduced in 2003 as a way that printers could first understand the SNAP specifications and a way to show that their process complies with the specifications.  This over the years has proven to be a successful tool that printers have endorsed and utilized.  To date well over 600 printers have certified their process with this method. The initial certificate program was set up so that printers could learn to understand what dot gain is and how to adapt for it in their prepress settings.   Well a lot has changed in 10 years.   Through the certificate program we have been able to establish an icc color profile that has been globally accepted. So the days of needing to customize your photoshop settings for coldset printing are no longer needed.   The icc profile contains all that a printer needs to utilize in their front end systems.   Major printers such as Gannett, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times (to name a few) have utilized the SNAP profile in their process.  Since the release of Photoshop CS5, the SNAP ICC profile is now included with the software.

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SNAP expands Certification options

Because it has become difficult to allocate time and expense to become SNAP certified,   SNAP will now be accepting, for those that wish, the “Process Check” as another way to become SNAP certified.  All of the information is on the web site,, follow the directions for the certification, but you can now submit the Process check or the full SNAP test forms to be certified.

The SNAP Process Check is designed to run within a section of a daily paper and is used as a way to ensure that the printing process is compliant with SNAP Specifications. Since the Process Check is a four color ad, a web lead that contains a four color lead is required. As in the traditional SNAP Certification, guidelines are set so that the printed copy can be quantitatively measured with instrumentation.


SNAP Relocates Web Site and Concludes Affiliation with NAA

Rev Jan 1, 2012: Haymarket , VA: The Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) Committee announced that it will no longer use the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) web page or staff to support its document distribution or SNAP Certificate efforts. The new mailing address, effective 2012, is 5501 Merchants View Sq, Suite 500, Haymarket, VA  20169.

SNAP Committee announces ICC profiles for light weight newsprint

The Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) Committee announced the release of new color gamut (ICC) profiles for color reproduction with lower total ink density specifications. The new lower Total Ink Coverage (TAC) profiles address the lower ink volume required to achieve quality color advertising reproduction on lighter weight newsprint.


SNAP SHOT PASS is a quick and ready reference guide. For consistent press performance and
predictable results shoot for these aim points and “PASS” with flying colors.

SNAP COLOR GUIDE is a tint chart developed to be printed on a SNAP certified press to be used as a reference guide for building mechanical color elements.

SNAP Shot is now available.

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Many newspapers consider changing newsprint parameters from time to time, often to reduce expenses. The Basis Weight Calculator was originally developed to determine costs for commercial printing. Later improvements provided the most popular newspaper press folder cut-offs and the ability to verify basis weight of newsprint ordered. 

The Column Calculator helps newspapers determine the effect of font size changes or changing the number of columns on a page 

The CTP Rub Test Procedure provides step by step instructions for how to determine how much, if any, dot loss may be experienced after approximately 10,000 impressions on press. 

To obtain the best possible results when running the SNAP test or any other measurement-critical press test, consider using the SNAP Test Press Procedures document. This document is a work in process, we welcome your feedback. 


YouTube Tutorial for basic image toning for newsprint reproduction 

*Please note; these resources may not address all the issues facing your publication.  Please refer to the SNAP guidelines for detailed information specific to your needs...